Available Products

The Mizar marketplace is where traders can share strategies with other investors and earn rewards based on realized performance. It’s also where they showcase their portfolio and go up against the best traders in the world. The marketplace brings together traders and investors to exchange the best performing strategies and increase portfolio size.
Users can search for strategies published by traders based on a variety of metrics and invest in those that fit their desired performance and risk profile. Multiple strategies can be compared based on live performance, trader's reputation, trader fee, as well as other key performance indicators all in one place.
DCA Bots
Traders can develop Dollar Cost Average bots without needing to write a single line of code. Such bots reduce the need to time the market perfectly, reducing the pressure to buy the dip or sell the top.
A DCA bot automatically buys or sells a currency at preset intervals with the goal of improving the entry price of a trade over time. On Mizar, anyone can access the power of DCA bots in just a few clicks.
API Bots
Traders can develop API bots that plug into third party exchanges including CEX and DEX. Using Mizar’s trading infrastructure to automate their signals, they can quickly respond to market movements and harness leading indicators to good effect.
Traders can manually open orders on different exchanges or pairs, using Mizar’s smart functionality to reduce risk. This includes features such as multi-entry zones (i.e. buy at different prices and times) and multi-take profit and trailing to secure profits when the market moves up or stop loss when it moves down.