The final role of the $MZR token is to facilitate governance. Utilizing the power of on-chain voting, the Mizar platform will evolve based on the needs and decisions of its community. We believe that the people best placed to have a say on new community-driven features and upgrades are the individuals who know it best: traders and bot creators who use Mizar day in, and day out.
Initially, governance will take the form of voting on community-centric features and integrations, marketing initiatives, partnerships, and more. The introduction of full $MZR governance, scheduled to kick in following the Phase I completion, will give token holders a say in the direction of Mizar’s ecosystem through the $MZR LockBox.
The LockBox acts as a treasury composed of $MZR tokens accrued from platform payments. For a minimum period of 12 months, all $MZR tokens that are accumulated from fees and intra-platform payments will be locked away. After 12 months, Mizar will enable token-holders to determine whether the LockBox period should be extended or if they can be used for marketing or other partnerships.