How does Mizar allow users to invest in algo-strategies?
To increase the utility of the $MZR token centered around our subscription free model Mizar has created a robust ecosystem around it that will bring value to holders.

Significant Discounts on fees. Mizar obviously prides itself on being on a subscription free model where traders can receive significant discounts on fees incurred via trading. By holding $MZR, you can receive up to a 95% discount on Volume Fees and up to 50% discount on performance fees when copy-trading. Mizar’s competitive model will not only attract users looking to save on using bots but will also attract the best traders in crypto looking to earn a passive income beyond their trades.

Staking your $MZR LP tokens in Mizar’s Yield Farming, or just $MZR in our Single Asset Staking pools will reward you in $MZR tokens. In later Phases of Mizar’s development we will introduce a system that will additionally reward stakers from Mizar and our partners in the form of NFTs, that will be redeemable for IRL prizes such as event tickets, consumer products and much more.

Through allowing for payments on volume fees in $MZR and locking those tokens away securely in the governance controlled $MZR-LockBox Fees will always be based in USD therefore in times of high market volatility, allowing for fees to be paid in $MZR ensures that the $MZR-LockBox is a countermeasure that captures maximum value for the future of our token holders.

The $MZR Token will act as a governance token giving holders important power over the direction of Mizar’s Ecosystem. This is beyond simply choosing which exchanges are to be integrated and is an integral part of our tokenomics with control over the Galaxy Fund, $MZR-LockBox, and our Treasury which is 9% of the Total supply. Giving the power to holders to help dictate the direction of $MZR will be crucial to ensure the value of the project in the short and long term.

It’s no secret that Mizar’s ultimate goal is to bring the most advanced trading tools that ever existed not only to Centralized exchanges but to Decentralized Exchange traders as well. Utilizing $MZR will allow traders to create unlimited bots, use advanced metrics such as Social Engagement Trading when we incorporate platforms such as Lunar Crush, and much more. We aim to bring those same features to Decentralized Exchanges where $MZR will play a vital role in automation of trading giving traders the freedom to step away from their screens.

As part of our Introductory Offer in Phase 1, Users who refer traders to Mizar can receive a significant portion of that trader's volume fees for the LIFETIME of that trading account. Holding more $MZR means receiving a higher percentage of those fees, up to 45%. Referred users get a 5% discount on traded volume, forever.

Compete against the top traders around the world with Mizar’s Gamified Leaderboards and Trading competitions which will pay out rewards in $MZR, stable coins, and IRL prizes from Mizar and its partners. There will be additional benefits of receiving access to elite trading groups that will give you an edge with membership in the $MZR-Club.
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