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Learn how to verify any ERC-20 token security with Mizar Token Sniffer
It is essential for crypto investors to conduct thorough due diligence (DYOD) before investing in any token due to the presence of scams and suspicious tokens. Merely verifying community engagement and website information may not be sufficient, as scams and surprises can be concealed within the smart contract itself. However, reviewing the contract prior to purchase can be challenging, often requiring solid knowledge of solidity programming.
Mizar Token Sniffer

Research a Token or Contract Address

For token research, visit https://app.mizar.com/dex/research and either paste a contract address or research a symbol. If the token is found, you'll get access to a wide range of information that are vital for traders.

🔒 Security Checks

When suspicious parameters are detected, Mizar assigns some specific labels to the contract address.
  • Honeypot: Mizar can identify honeypots. Honeypot lock the tokens of investors, and only the attacker, who created the honeypot, retains the ability to sell them.
  • High Buy/Sell Taxes: tokens with buy or sell taxes above 10% are labelled as high tax contracts.
  • Token Controlled: if the token creator owns more than 10% of the total supply, the token is labelled as controlled.
  • Low Liquidity: tokens with the largest liquidity pool with a value below $25k are classified as low liquidity tokens.
  • Token Non-Renounced: a token where the ownership rights and control have not been permanently renounced. That means, the creator is still able to edit the contract.

📈 Trading Information

Fundamental contract information are displayed. This includes taxation information and anti-whale properties.
  • Buy Tax: this tax deducts a fee from any token purchases.
  • Sell Tax: this tax deducts a fee from any token sales.
  • Max Buy: this is the maximum token amount that a single wallet can purchase.
  • Max Sell: this is the maximum token amount that a single wallet can sell.
  • Max Wallet: this is the maximum token amount that a single wallet can own.

🌊 Liquidity Information

Mizar identifies the primary liquidity pools associated with the researched contract, which are deployed on Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0. Traders can select the pool and grasp essential information.
  • DEX: the Decentralized Exchange where the pool has been deployed.
  • Pair: the trading pair. Only ETH and stable coins pairs are shown.
  • Price: the current price associated to the selected pool.
  • Pool Address: the address of the pool on the blockchain.
  • Pool Liquidity: The existing liquidity in the pool, which comprises 50% stable or ETH value and 50% token value.
  • Liquidity / Market Cap: the ratio between the liquidity of the selected pool and the token fully diluted market cap.
  • Chart: link to DEXTools to view price charting and more information.

🧠 Creator and Owner Information

Mizar detects the wallet belonging to the creator and owner of the researched smart contract, and presents significant information to identify any potentially suspicious arrangements.
  • Address: the wallet address of the contract creator or owner
  • Balance: the current token holdings of that wallet address
  • Percent: the ratio between the holdings and the total token supply
Explore the list of hot contracts to discover which tokens have garnered the highest number of searches from Mizar users. This can give you insights into the tokens that Mizar users are interested in and potentially considering for trading.
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