Powerful copy trading and trading bots on 10+ exchanges.

Thank you for joining us in the C-Mizar Manual. With this guide, we will introduce you to the extensive range of potent and user-friendly features of Mizar copy-trading and trading bots.

C-Mizar is currently available on the Mizar Webapp. The account can be easily linked to your Telegram bot to be used for monitoring or sending signals.

Tip: While you may use C-Mizar for a particular functionality, we strongly recommend reading our complete guide to fully grasp the immense potential of Mizar. Exploring the entirety of the guide may unveil powerful tools for enhancing your CEX trading that you might not have been aware of.

Main Content

  1. GET STARTED: Learn how to set up your Mizar account.

  2. EXCHANGES: Connect to exchanges using API keys.

  3. COPY TRADING: Master the art of copying other traders.

  4. POSITION MANAGER: Monitor and manage your positions effectively.

  5. DCA BOTS: Automate your trades with Dollar Cost Averaging bots.

  6. TERMINAL: Enhance trades with intelligent functionalities using Mizar Smart Trading Terminal.

  7. FEES: Understand Mizar's fee system.

  8. $MZR TOKEN: Leverage $MZR token for enhanced performance and reduced fees.

  9. REWARDS: Earn from being copy-traded or referring friends.

  10. FAQ: Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for additional guidance.

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