Learn how to connect to WOO X

Before creating API keys, make sure you have at least 15 USDT in your trading (sub)-account. Make sure that SPOT and/or FUTURES trading is allowed on your exchange account .

Connect to an Exchange on Mizar

Go to the connect exchange page (here) and click on WOO X.

The following page will render. This is where you will have to set up your keys credentials.

Set-up your keys

Name your key and configure the trading mode (Spot and/or Futures - read here for more details). Copy all the 10 whitelisted IPs by clicking on COPY and proceed to the exchange dashboard.

Create New API Keys on the Exchange

Head over to the WOO X website (here) and log in.

To create an API key on WOO X, hover over the profile picture at the right top corner of your screen. Click on Subaccounts & API, and access your API key management dashboard. Then click on CREATE API.

Select the account where you want to trade, give a description, and configure the API permissions as shown below. Add IP access restrictions and paste ALL the 10 whitelisted IP addresses.

Finalise the connection

Come back to Mizar and paste the private and public keys, as well as the application ID. Click on confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Bitget exchange to Mizar. You are now prepared to engage in trading on Bitget.

Make sure you're on https://app.mizar.com/dashboard/exchanges/connect/config when pasting your API keys.

The Mizar team will never request your API keys credentials via message or email, or ask you to transfer funds. Never enable funds withdrawal and transfer on your API keys.

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