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Learn more about Mizar Plans
These changes will take effect on March 1st, 2024. You can upgrade your plans now, with no minimum volume fees or limits applied until March 1st.
After 3 years of operation, Mizar has made the strategic decision to introduce new pricing plans. These plans have been meticulously crafted based on market analysis, customer feedback, and future projections. They are designed to offer high-quality services tailored to a diverse range of users, from small-scale traders to institutional players.

Mizar Plans

You can select from the following plans based on your specific requirements:
Pay As You Go
  • No Commitment
  • Vol. Fee: 0.1%
  • Perf. Fee Discount: NO
  • Min. Vol. Fee: $15/mo
  • Max. Vol. Fee: $200/mo
  • Vol. Fee: based on STAR level
  • Perf. Fee Discount: based on STAR level
  • Min. Vol. Fee: $30/mo
  • Max. Vol. Fee: $200/mo
  • Vol. Fee: based on STAR level
  • Perf. Fee Discount: based on STAR level
  • 3 Active Subscriptions
  • 15 Active Subscriptions
  • 250 Active Subscriptions
  • Paper Trading
  • 1 Exchange Key
  • Paper Trading
  • 5 Exchange Keys
  • Paper Trading
  • 100 Exchange Keys
  • 20 Active Positions
  • 150 Active Positions
  • 2,500 Active Positions

Minimum & Maximum Volume Fee

By subscribing to the Trader and Pro plans, you will be subject to the Minimum and Maximum Volume fee rules. The Minimum Volume Fee is charged on the first day of every month. This fee covers your monthly volume fee up to the limit set in your plan (either $15 or $30). Once you reach this limit, additional volume fees will be applied based on your STAR level, up to a maximum of $200 per month. Any extra volume beyond this threshold will not incur additional charges.

Subscriptions, Exchanges, and Positions Limits

Each plan comes with limits that cannot be exceeded. For instance, with a Pay As You Go plan, you cannot have more than 20 open positions simultaneously. If your configured bot attempts to open more positions than allowed, those additional positions will be blocked and remain unopened.
In the scenario where you have 10 open positions and you downgrade from a Trader Plan, to a Pay As You Go Plan, only 5 of your positions will be managed in the subsequent month. The remaining 5 positions will no longer be managed. This also applies to subscriptions and exchange keys.

Volume Fee and Performance Rebates

If you're subscribed to the Trader or Pro plan, your volume fee and performance fee will adhere to the Mizar STAR level pricing, which you can review here. However, if you're subscribed to the Pay As You Go plan, you'll pay a fixed volume fee of 0.1% for each dollar traded, and you won't receive any performance fee discounts.

Institutional Account

If you represent an institution, we offer flexible and adaptable pricing solutions tailored to your needs. Please contact us here for further information.
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