Decentralized Exchanges
Which DEX can I trade on with Mizar?
Mizar's vision is to bridge smart and automated-trading tools from CeFi to DeFi.
The lack of trading tools in DeFi makes mass adoption into crypto close to impossible. With dMizar, the team is developing advanced solutions to enable users to trade on-chain, integrating the most used DEX available across the most popular chains.
Whereas centralized exchanges have advanced trading tools, decentralized exchanges have none, which limit traders and consume their time. Traders currently have to rely on in-the-moment trades which can still fail and force traders to execute trades manually. This means no matter what you have going on in your personal life, whether it be spending time with the family, going on a flight or enjoying some free time, you must be in front of your screen to execute a trade at your desired price.
Mizar plans to fix this by giving users access to the same tools that are made available on centralized exchanges on decentralized exchanges, propelling decentralized exchanges into the future, helping turn the concept of mass adoption into a reality.
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