Mizar recognizes a significant opportunity in the emerging and untapped market of DeFi trading tools and bots. With the recent entry of a few bot trading tools, this market has already shown promising results in terms of customer satisfaction, performance returns, and generated revenues.

We envision continuous growth in DeFi trading, reaching a level comparable to centralized exchange (CEX) trading. Recent events, including incidents involving FTX and other notable scandals, have drawn traders' attention towards DEX trading due to its higher transparency and user control. Moreover, increasing regulations are imposing restrictions on CEX trading, making it challenging for users in certain regions to access trading platforms.

Conversely, we observe the emergence of advanced DEX platforms offering futures and derivatives with substantial liquidity and enhanced user experiences. The rise of fast and cost-effective protocols like Arbitrum is transforming DEX trading into an attractive space for traders.

Anticipating a shift towards DEX trading, we believe that the demand for trading tools, including bots, smart trading tools, and copy-trading functionalities, will soon surge. Additionally, we recognize that traders will become increasingly vigilant against scams and rug-pulls, emphasizing the need for tools that enhance the safety and security of users in the DeFi space.

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