The Mizar team has successfully created an innovative and advanced trading platform that effectively addresses the challenges faced by traders on centralized exchanges.

To tackle the round-the-clock nature of the market, Mizar has developed a trading platform that leverages automation and smart trading tools. Traders using Mizar can design trading strategies and automate their trades. This not only provides protection during market crashes but also empowers them to develop low-risk trading strategies that continuously analyze market trends and automatically execute trades based on predefined settings. The platform offers various functionalities such as stop loss, take profit, dollar-cost averaging (DCA), trailing take profit, and more.

These tools also serve as an excellent means to reduce emotional influence while trading. By setting up their trading strategies on Mizar, users detach their emotions from their trades. Orders are managed and executed by computers, eliminating human emotions from the decision-making process.

Furthermore, Mizar has introduced an advanced copy trading system, allowing investors to allocate a portion of their funds to replicate the trades and strategies of other successful traders. Mizar operates as a decentralized digital hedge fund, offering users the opportunity to discover suitable strategies and bots developed by others and invest in them to mimic their trading moves.

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