Mizar is an advanced trading platform and order management tool specifically designed for Centralized Exchanges. It operates as a non-custodial platform, meaning that traders can connect their exchanges via API and manage their trades through Mizar while retaining control over their funds.

The Mizar platform offers users a wide range of powerful trading tools within a user-friendly interface. Traders can easily develop bots without requiring coding skills or utilize smart trading tools to execute and manage trades across multiple exchanges, utilizing various metrics. Moreover, Mizar provides a Paper Trading feature that enables traders to test their bots without risking their actual capital.

A key feature of Mizar is its marketplace, where traders can share their bots and strategies with others. This allows them to rank their portfolios within the community and earn performance fees by enabling others to copy their trades. Conversely, individuals seeking profitable strategies can engage in copy-trading by replicating the trades of top-performing traders in the marketplace.

One notable aspect of Mizar's platform is its subscription-free model, where users are not charged a fixed fee. Instead, traders can access all Mizar features related to their assets and will be charged based on their traded volumes, similar to a traditional exchange, or based on monthly realized profits when copying other traders.

Holders of the $MZR token can enjoy substantial discounts on these fees, up to 95%, and actively participate in the social aspect of the Mizar copy-trading platform.

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