The Mizar team is currently dedicated to the development of D-Mizar, a bot trading platform designed specifically for decentralized exchanges (DEX). It aims to assist traders in managing their on-chain orders and setting up trading strategies.

The Mizar platform comprises several products:

  • Contract Sniffer: An advanced search engine that enables traders to access detailed information about token contract addresses.

  • Smart Trading (coming soon): Similar to its CEX product, traders can pre-set their trades on DEX and utilize automation features.

  • Sniper Bot (coming soon): An innovative feature within the Smart Trading Dashboard that allows traders to identify and acquire tokens that have not yet been launched.

  • Mem-pool Anti-rug (coming soon): This unique feature can be applied to any trade to protect users from rug-pulls and malicious activities.

  • Copy-trading (coming soon): With copy-trading functionality, traders can follow the wallets of other successful traders and execute trades accordingly.

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