Hypersonic Phase (D-Phase)

The Mizar team plans to finalize the main CeFi features including bot trading, smart trading, copy-trading, paper trading, and a portfolio management dashboard upon completion of the C-Phase.
Following this, we will enter the Hypersonic Phase from Q2-23, which aims to bring all of the tools developed for CeFi, to DeFi. This includes automated self-custodian trading, with the possibility of sharing strategies with the community for copying or getting copied by others.
The Hypersonic Phase is divided into four sub-phases.
Mach 3: Mizar will develop its DeFi platform with web3 authentication, integrating DEXs that support API connectivity.
Mach 4: Mizar will partner with one of the most used DEX to develop the Mizar protocol, an architecture that will enable bot and advanced trading on DEX.
Mach 5: Mizar will release the first mainnet version of its trading protocol, enabling users to automatically trade on the partnered DEX. In the same phase, Mizar will release its copy-trading protocol, which allows users to copy each other in a self-custodial manner.
Mach 6: in the last phase Mizar will work on integrating multiple DEXs and expanding its service on multiple blockchains.