Mizar acknowledges a significant opportunity in the expanding landscape of Centralized Finance (CeFi) trading tools and bots. In an era where software and artificial intelligence/machine learning are commonly employed to automate various processes, ranging from art to writing, it is only natural for technology to be applied to the realm of cryptocurrency trading. While 90% of trades are already executed and managed by computers, this is primarily driven by institutional players. However, Mizar firmly believes that retail investors seeking an edge in active trading can benefit by using automated strategies that perform the hard work on their behalf.

Mizar also recognizes that despite the maturation of the current bot platform market, there are still significant limitations in the offerings available. Firstly, the user experience and interface of existing platforms remain quite limited, often requiring extensive trading knowledge and crypto expertise to effectively utilize them. Additionally, the reliability of current platforms is questionable, and combined with inadequate customer support, many individuals revert to manual trading. Lastly, the majority of platforms rely on subscription-based business models, which are often unaffordable for the average user.

Furthermore, Mizar believes that there will be an increasing demand for portfolio managers and hedge funds in the crypto market, including among small retail players. Since banks and traditional investment vehicles are not yet fully prepared to offer comprehensive services to crypto users, alternative methods of fund management are gaining popularity. Mizar anticipates that copy trading and social trading will play a significant role in the crypto industry, representing a new approach to fund management for retail investors.

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