Mizar is dedicated to developing trading tools that enhance the DeFi trading experience for users. Our tools offer a range of functionalities to address the limitations faced by traders on DEXs.

To enable more efficient trading, Mizar is developing smart tools for DeFi. Such tools introduce the concept of limit orders on DEXs and automation. Users will have the ability to buy or sell tokens at predefined prices, liquidity levels, market capitalization thresholds, and other specified conditions. Moreover, our tools will incorporate automation features such as automatic stop loss, take profit, trailing, and other advanced functionalities, empowering traders to streamline their trading strategies.

In addition, Mizar is pioneering the development of mem-pool sniping bots. These bots will provide traders with the advantage of being among the first to purchase newly launched tokens on DEXs, facilitating early access and potential profit opportunities.

To mitigate the risks associated with rug-pulls, Mizar is introducing its innovative rug-pull protection based on mem-pool analysis. In blockchain, a mem-pool (short for memory pool) is a temporary storage area where pending transactions wait to be confirmed by miners and added to the blockchain. By carefully monitoring the mem-pool, our Mizar bot can detect suspicious activities, such as significant sell transactions from questionable wallets or sudden changes in token contract parameters. In the event of a potential rug-pull, the Mizar bot automatically triggers the sale of the trader's tokens, safeguarding their assets and enabling them to exit before any malicious actions occur.

Furthermore, Mizar is developing an advanced copy-trading system on DeFi that empowers users to replicate the trading moves of successful traders. Through this feature, users can copy-trade other wallets, executing buy or sell orders simultaneously or even before them, within the same block. Additionally, we are building a comprehensive system to identify high-performing wallets held by influential market participants, assisting users in selecting the most skilled DeFi traders to follow and learn from.

With these innovative tools and features, Mizar is committed to improving the trading experience on DeFi platforms, empowering traders with enhanced functionalities, advanced risk mitigation measures, and the opportunity to learn from successful peers.

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