Contract Sniffer

Introducing the Contract Sniffer, the first feature of D-Mizar, available for free. Users can easily search for contract addresses and symbols on the Ethereum chain, gaining access to a wealth of information that assists in informed decision-making.

The information provided is divided into several sections:

  1. General Information: This section includes essential details such as the token name, total market cap, maximum supply, and decimal points.

  2. Pool Information: Users can view all liquidity pools associated with the token on Uniswap v2.0 and Uniswap v3.0. They can access data about the specific pool, including the trading pair, liquidity amount, current price, trading fee, and more.

  3. Trading Information: In this section, users can find crucial information necessary for trading the token. They can review transaction taxes imposed by the contract, identify if there are any whale protection mechanisms limiting the maximum amount for buying, selling, or holding the token, and detect potential honeypot contracts.

  4. Owner Information: Users can visualize the wallet address of the project owner and contract creator, along with their available balance.

  5. Methods: Traders can gain an overview of all the methods developed by the contract creator and associated to the contract.

Why is this feature important?

Understanding the nature of a contract is particularly crucial when investing in early-stage projects. Information regarding transaction taxes, buying and selling limits, and hidden details can significantly impact investment decisions. Traders without expertise in contract reading or solidity may struggle to locate these critical pieces of information. Imagine buying a token only to realize later that you are unable to sell it, as stated in the contract! The Contract Researcher feature helps mitigate such risks and empowers traders with transparency and knowledge.

Furthermore, traders have the opportunity to explore the "Hot Contract" section within the Mizar platform. These contracts are the most frequently searched by users, serving as valuable indicators for identifying potential opportunities for buying or sniping. Traders can conveniently save these contracts as favorites and follow them closely to gather further insights and information.

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