Some general FAQ about $MZR

Where can I buy the $MZR token?

Nowhere, the $MZR token has not been launched yet! Do not trust anyone asking for funds, crypto, wallet address, credit card, or whatsoever, to buy the $MZR token, as it will surely be a fake.

Who are $MZR backers?

Mizar's early investors are: Nexo, KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Woo Ventures, Gate.io, MEXC Global, Stakely.vc, Spark Digital Capital, Shima Capital, Venture Capital, and some angel investors

How much will Mizar raise on its public IDO?

The total public raise is set to $300,000 USDC

What is the price of the $MZR token at launch?

The token price is set to $0.0015

Where will the $MZR token be launched?

This information has not been disclosed yet

On which chain will the $MZR token be launched?

The $MZR token will be launched on ETH.

How do I participate in the IDO?

You'll simply need to apply for the IDO on our partnered launchpad.

Is KYC required?

Yes, KYC will be required to be eligible to buy the token

I won the whitelist, how can I buy the $MZR token?

If you have won the competition and filled out the survey with the required information, we have you covered! We'll contact you once approach the launch date.