Use Cases

Fee Reduction: $MZR holders can enjoy a significant discount of up to 95% on trading fees according to the amount they stake. They can also receive up to 50% discount on performance fees for copy-trading (these are set by each qualified trader and are only charged if the trade is profitable).
Referrals: $MZR holders who refer friends to Mizar will earn an enhanced referral commission of up to 45%. Trading or staking more $MZR means receiving a higher percentage of those fees. New referrals earn a base 5% discount on traded volume.
Payments: As the platform’s native currency, $MZR can be used to pay trading volume fees (performance fees for copy-trading must be paid based on the traders needs). All fees paid in $MZR will be locked away securely in the governance-controlled $MZR LockBox (this might change in the future).
Staking Rewards: $MZR stakers who lock up their tokens for a fixed period will be entitled to additional rewards. These include access to advanced trading tools and analytics, first option of new features, access to the $MZR Club and airdrops.
Yield Generation: To ensure a fair distribution of $MZR over time, token holders can provide liquidity and stake their LP tokens as well as participate in Single Asset Staking to earn an attractive yield.
Gamified Leaderboards: $MZR stakers can participate in gamified leaderboards where they compete against the top crypto traders around the world. There will be Daily, Weekly, and Monthly competitions featuring various prizes and rewards paid out in $MZR, stablecoins, NFTs, and tangible prizes from Mizar and its partners. Governance