Mizar tokenomics
  • Public Sale IDO: Community Supporters & end-users whose support and interest in using the Mizar Platform is key to its continued success.
  • Seed: Mizar’s earliest supporters and the key individuals who’s shared vision for Mizar will ensure its success.
  • Private: Strategic investors in Mizar who provide value and help drive demand for the use of the Platform and $MZR Token, enabling Mizar to Succeed in its missions to provide automated trading for all.
  • Reserves: To be used as reserves only to aid with the Future development of Mizar.
  • Marketing: Used to promote Mizar including marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships. Any tokens that may be sold to strategic partners will be vested with the added agreements that uphold the long-term value of the MZR token.
  • Treasury(DAO Controlled): A Governance controlled supply of Mizar that $MZR holders will be able to vote for its strategic use within the ecosystem.
  • Staking: Rewards for providing Liquidity along with Single Asset.
  • Liquidity: To provide Liquidity for Initial & future DEX/CEX listings. Unused tokens will be locked, not in circulation.
  • Advisors: Tokens for advisors who have helped Mizar Strategically, throughout the course of Mizar’s Development.
  • Team: Tokens for Team members to ensure long term engagement with Mizar.
Token allocation
Release Schedule
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