Phase I

Phase one will be reached upon completion of the following steps:
Currently under development, the terminal is where traders can manually open positions by adding smart trading tools such as set multi-entries, use stop loss, multi-take profit and more.
$MZR Token Launch and Integration
From day one, traders will be able to stake $MZR in the Mizar platform to access discounts and benefits.
Mizar Social Trading
Mizar’s social component will be enhanced by opening the marketplace to everyone and introducing improved metrics, adding ratings and reviews, and rolling out competitions and leaderboard.
Grid Bots
Mizar’s third bot type will see the introduction of grid bots. Grid bots are designed to make a profit on a sideways (flat) market by trading between multiple order levels (‘grid’). These bots help traders to profit when the price is fluctuating in a tight range, simply by opening and closing trades repeatedly.