Phase II

The next release, known as Phase II, will see Mizar enhanced with a host of new features.
This major upgrade will focus on two important components: analytics and DEX trading.
Mizar Analytics will provide access to sophisticated trading data. This includes data derived from the web such as sentiment analysis as well as technical data (volume, price, liquidity). On-chain data will also be integrated into the Mizar dashboard.
Bot/Position Manager
Users will be able to create their own KPIs and triggers, to fully or semi-automatically manage their bots (e.g. timing, position size, exit strategy). They can also do the same with their positions (e.g. when to take profit or add more funds to a single position). The creation of custom triggers allows users to call the shots with their bots, deciding when and how to act upon specific market conditions.
Mizar AI
Mizar will develop advanced Artificial Intelligence models to help traders make better decisions. Through the use of machine learning and AI, traders can optimize their strategy settings based on the latest AI models. Additionally, Mizar will build an AI-driven ranking mechanism for strategy analysis. This can be used to evaluate profitability against risk, forecast the success ratio of custom-made signals, and even identify suitable portfolio strategies to allocate capital.
DEX Trading
DEX trading plays a pivotal role in Mizar’s evolution. Smart trading will be rolled out on dYdX initially (still not confirmed), giving DEX traders a product that’s tailor-made for their needs and reactive to the rigors of on-chain order execution. After bringing copy-trading to dYdX, Uniswap will become the second DEX to be integrated as part of Phase II.