Mizar is a smart order management platform that’s designed to meet the needs of retail users. It provides best-in-class tools for crypto trading, knowledge accrual, and wealth generation. Through a series of highly optimized and automated trading tools, Mizar makes crypto trading accessible to everyone across the full spectrum of CeFi and DeFi markets.
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Smart trading: Users can automate their trades with smart trading tools and bots to save time and increase profitability while reducing risks. Orders can be executed across multiple crypto exchanges, markets, and pairs, in one click.
Copy-trading: Successful traders can share their wisdom through a copy-trading feature and earn a passive income. Mizar users can plug into smart strategies and outperform the market by piggybacking off the efforts of pros with a proven track record.
Pay-per-use: Mizar is subscription-free. Users are not asked to pay monthly fixed fees or upfront any costs. Users can pay fees based on traded volume (as a CEX) and realized monthly profits (when copy-trading).
Code-free: Traders can build up strategies and bots without any coding required. Traders can send signals to Mizar through API systems or open new positions through a user-friendly terminal and then let their bots or smart functionalities manage the orders. With multiple entry zones, stop-loss or DCA, users can build up low-risk strategies to manage their trades.