Mizar is a smart order management platform that’s designed to meet the needs of retail users. It provides best-in-class tools for crypto trading, portfolio management, and a marketplace of trading str
On Mizar, traders can automate their orders with bots and use smart trading tools to manage their crypto assets. Successful users can share their bots and portfolios on a marketplace, get copied, and earn a passive income.
With Mizar, users can:
  • Remove emotions from trading: Users can remove personal emotions or human errors by automatically investing and managing positions, 24/7.
  • Be fast and reactive to market moves: bot trading execution is fast and reacts immediately once a condition is met.
  • Monitor risk: by setting up bots, traders can create low-risk and risk-controlled strategies.
  • Improve trading discipline: when trading with bots, users are “forced” to follow trading rules. This will help traders act as a professional and follow a defined plan such as the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy. For example, once a bot is created, traders will close the positions once the profit target is met or stop loss once the price exceeds expectations.
  • Diversify: by copy-trading other users, Mizar’s traders can reduce their risks by diversifying their investments across traders and cryptocurrencies and improving their performance.
  • Leverage other traders’ knowledge: Mizar connects investors with top traders so that users can leverage their performance and profit as a pro without being one.
  • Earn a passive income: experienced traders can share their bots and portfolios with others, to earn rewards based on generated profits.
  • Understand their performance: traders can use the Mizar dashboard to view their portfolios, analyze their performance, track positions, and leverage data to improve their future performance.
  • Learn risk-free: users can use their demo account and simulate trading, without investing a single dollar.